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Wrong-Way Driving


As inexplicable as it may seem, wrong-way driving is a recurring problem on roadways across Maryland and the nation at large. These incidents result in head-on collisions all too often, and many have fatal outcomes.


What could possibly cause people to drive on the wrong side of the road?  Clearly, they are confused, and that may be a result of a medical problem, intoxication, or other factors.  In fact, 60 percent of these accidents are related to alcohol impairment. Here in Florida, more than 50 percent of wrong-way incidents occur after midnight.

One study found that elderly drivers—those over age 70—are more likely to experience confusion and find themselves driving on the wrong side of the road. Conversely, drivers with multiple passengers in their vehicles are less likely to make such a mistake, probably because there are plenty of people to warn them off.


According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, the rise in fatalities related to this type of accident is alarming, with an increase of 34 percent more deaths from 2010 to 2018. In 2019 and 2020, the death toll related to wrong-way driving topped 500 annually. The drivers who are on the wrong side of the road comprise over half of the fatality victims in these crashes, while innocent victims in other cars make up just over 40 percent.

Florida Incidents 

While statistical data is crucial in understanding the problem, it’s important to note that these crashes involve real people with real families. The repercussions are more than numbers on a page:

  • One woman was killed and nine others suffered injuries after a wrong-way driver smashed into two separate vehicles on I-270. Incidentally, the 23-year old wrong-way driver fled the scene after the accident, but was later taken into police custody.
  • The wrong-way driver of an SUV was killed after his vehicle smashed into a bus on Route 32 at around 3:00 am. 17 of the 38 passengers and the bus driver were hospitalized with injuries.
  • A wrong-way driver on I-68 involving multiple vehicles resulted in a number of hospitalizations of victims with serious injuries.
  • A 2:00 am wrong-way collision on I-495 resulted in the death of the wrong-way driver and injuries to the driver of the other vehicle.
  • Multiple injuries resulted after a wrong-way driver crashed into several vehicles along Route 50.

Recourse After a Wrong-Way Crash 

What could be more frightening than to see a vehicle careening in your direction on the wrong side of the road?  If you or a loved one has suffered serious injuries or death at the hands of a wrong-way driver, you may be entitled to damages to address medical bills, funeral costs, pain and suffering and more. To discuss your situation, schedule a confidential consultation with the compassionate, yet aggressive Baltimore personal injury attorneys at The Law Office of Hasson D. Barnes today.



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