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Baltimore Divorce Lawyer

If the time has come to dissolve your marriage, the Law Office of Hasson D. Barnes can guide you and represent you through this process to help it go as smoothly and successfully as possible. Maryland divorce law can seem complicated at first if you are unfamiliar with terms such as the difference between a Limited Divorce and an Absolute Divorce. Baltimore divorce lawyer Hasson D. Barnes will take the time to explain the entire process and make sure you know what to expect at every step. Even more importantly, Mr. Barnes approaches every case with diligence and dedication to make sure you are fairly represented in every aspect of your divorce settlement and court orders regarding the property division, child custody, alimony and more.

Facts about Divorce in Maryland

Maryland divorce law provides a number of different grounds under which a divorce may be granted. It is necessary for the party filing for divorce to allege an appropriate ground and be able to prove the facts supporting the petition for divorce. Grounds for divorce in Maryland include:

  • Adultery
  • Desertion
  • Conviction of a crime requiring a three-year jail sentence
  • Insanity requiring institutionalization for three years or more
  • Cruel treatment of a spouse or child
  • Excessively vicious conduct

Maryland law also provides a no-fault ground for divorce, but the spouses must live apart for twelve months in order to obtain a divorce under this ground. When filing for no-fault divorce, the Law Office of Hasson D. Barnes can help you obtain a Limited Divorce and appropriate court orders regarding child custody, support and other matters during the required separation period. We will continue to represent you in achieving an Absolute Divorce at the appropriate time.

Additionally, if there are no children as a product of the marriage, and the spouses both mutually consent to the divorce, we can help you negotiate, draft or review a settlement agreement resolving alimony and property issues for a faster and less complicated divorce.

How Our Baltimore Divorce Lawyer can Help in Contested Divorce Cases

Obtaining a dissolution of the marriage itself may not be especially complicated, but there are a number of important issues which must be addressed and decided by the court along the way. When the parties to the divorce cannot agree or are facing a great deal of conflict, the resolution of these issues can be particularly complex and difficult. At the Law Office of Hasson D. Barnes, you will find a dedicated and diligent divorce lawyer who is knowledgeable about the issues and will make sure your voice is heard on every contested matter before the court. Count on our office to provide able and effective representation in any of the following:

  • Child Custody – Determining whether custody of the children will be granted solely to one parent or shared by the parents and in what manner requires considering a number of factors, all with the best interest of the child or children as the primary concern. Our Baltimore divorce attorney is a strong voice in the courtroom advocating for your custodial rights and looking out for the best interests of your children.
  • Child Support – Our experienced family law attorney can walk you through the Maryland Child Support Guidelines to ensure that the correct amount of support is arrived at, including arguing for a deviation from the guidelines amount in appropriate circumstances.
  • Alimony – If requested, the courts may order one spouse to pay support to the other spouse for a period of time after the divorce, or even indefinitely. Whether you are seeking to receive support or being asked to pay, we provide strong representation to protect your rights and promote your interests for a fair and just decision on alimony.
  • Property Division – The goal of the courts is to divide the couple’s marital property in a fair and equitable manner. We assist in this process by ensuring that all assets and debts are accounted for, properly characterized as marital or separate property, and accurately valued. The evidence we present to the court helps ensure an equitable distribution when the couple cannot work out a settlement agreement on their own.

Professional Legal Assistance in Baltimore Divorce Matters

A divorce and its accompanying court orders are final, and they continue to impact the lives of former spouses and their children for years into the future. Once decided, court orders can only be modified in limited circumstances and by going back to court for more hearings. Get your divorce done right the first time by contacting the Law Office of Hasson D. Barnes for advice and representation from a skilled and knowledgeable Baltimore divorce attorney who will carefully listen to you and tailor your divorce to meet your needs.

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