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Will Mediation Be Helpful In Your Divorce?


You’re getting divorced.  The decisions ahead are countless: Who gets the big screen television, how are the debts divided, who decides which school the kids attend… the list is endless, and increasingly complicated as you get deeper into it. One of the very first things worth thinking about is whether you could benefit from divorce mediation.  While it certainly is not a good fit for every divorcing couple, for some people who are ending their marriages, it can be quite beneficial.

Clear Advantages 

One huge advantage of mediation is that you evade the courtroom altogether. Instead, a neutral mediator guides negotiations as you and your spouse work through an agreement that is satisfactory to you both.  This can be beneficial on several fronts:

1-    It won’t be nearly as expensive as a traditional divorce.  The cost of the mediator will probably be split between the two of you, which is substantially less costly and certainly less taxing than court proceedings can be.

2-    The process will be quicker.  Since you don’t have to worry about adapting to the court’s jam-packed schedule, planning and going through negotiation conferences is expedited.

3-    It is more informal.  For the most part, those involved in mediation find that they feel more at ease as they proceed through what can otherwise be a stressful litigation process.

4-    It can be empowering.  Because each partner is participating in voluntary discussions, it can be much easier to make concessions and come to agreements in order to create a winning outcome for everyone involved.

When Mediation Doesn’t Usually Work 

For some, mediation will never work.  For example, when one partner is bitter about the divorce, manipulative, or dishonest, it’s going to be next to impossible to come to agreement on the simple issues, let alone the tough problems.  Dodgy behavior like hiding assets, or being overbearing and demanding when it comes to creating a time-sharing plan is going to make your divorce negotiations impossible without a judge’s intervention. In other cases, the divorce involves more complex issues, such as far-reaching assets, business ownership, or perhaps even debilitating physical or mental health issues. Mediation in these circumstances could just delay the inevitable, adding to the time and expense of your divorce. To be sure, mediation works best in situations when both individuals agree to the divorce, and are willing and able to set aside their emotions in order to work out an equitable settlement.  If that does not describe you and your spouse, may as well skip mediation and both of you get your own attorneys so you can fight it all out in court.

Moving Forward 

Regardless of the method you choose, at The Law Office of Hasson D. Barnes, our experienced Baltimore mediation attorneys can help you dissolve your marriage.  Our mediators are prepared to provide a safe and open environment in which to explore options.  If mediation is not your preference, our knowledgeable attorneys are willing to help you through a traditional divorce and fight for the best possible outcomes for you.  To discuss your options, schedule a confidential consultation in our office today.



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