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Road Rage In Maryland


It’s a grim problem that has led to thousands of injuries and hundreds of fatalities across the United States: road rage. Here in Maryland, cases of road rage that spiral into serious incidents are setting off alarms; the incidents are all too frequent, and all too dangerous:

Recent Incidents in Maryland 

If you think road rage is just a little bit of annoyance on the road, you couldn’t be further from the real-life scenarios that are terrifying people across the state:

  • When a man pulled over to let a fire engine pass with lights and sirens, another motorist was irked, and got out of his vehicle, angrily yelling. The aggressor then returned to his car and rammed into the vehicle, which was still on the side of the road.  The victim immediately headed toward a police station, and was followed by the aggressor.
  • A woman who drew the ire of a fellow driver was shocked to have the man approach her vehicle, smash in a window, and assault her.
  • Following an altercation on Route 50, a man shot and injured a tow truck driver.
  • After one driver made an unsafe lane change that caused another driver to suddenly brake, the angered motorist shot three times into the victim’s vehicle.
  • An angry driver approached another vehicle while stopped, smashed the car with a wooden stake, and then sprayed the driver with pepper spray.

The Prevalence of Road Rage 

Psychologists say the most frequent road rage aggressors are young men who may be frustrated with issues in their lives or with congested roadways, and who sometimes are affected by drug or alcohol misuse. They are distinguished with certain key traits:

  • Their thought processes are aggressive in nature, which leads to negative interpretations of road incidents that lead to insults and a desire for revenge.
  • They drive aggressively and take risks like speeding more than typical drivers.
  • They are generally upset all the time, not just while driving, and resort to name-calling, screaming, etc.
  • They are involved in more accidents and near-accidents than other drivers.
  • They tend to be more impulsive, anxious, and prone to rage.

When You are Targeted 

Enraged drivers are frightening!  If you encounter one, do your best to get out of their way.  If they are determined to follow and harass you, call 911 right away.

If You are Injured in a Road Rage Incident 

When you can’t get out of the crosshairs of an angry driver and they actually make contact with you, there’s every possibility you could suffer serious physical injuries, in addition to psychological harm and property damage.  That’s when the experienced Baltimore personal injury attorneys at The Law Office of Hasson D. Barnes can help.  To discuss your situation, schedule a confidential consultation in our office today.

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