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Preposterous Accidents That Really Occurred


Accidents are just a part of life, right?  We’ve all experienced the occasional misfortune as a result of a confluence of factors coming together at just the wrong moment.  If you’ve been feeling sorry for yourself because of your bad luck, though, you’re going to count your lucky stars when you hear some of the real-life experiences of people around the globe:

A Sticky Situation 

About 100 years ago a truck transporting molasses exploded, spewing the sticky goo through the streets and into homes.  A flood of molasses injured 150 people and actually killed 21 others.  People say that to this day they can still smell molasses on very hot days. 


Daredevils of all stripes dream of the chance to go skydiving.  Michael Holmes was no exception.  In fact, he ultimately became a skydiving instructor, giving others the opportunity to experience the one-of-a-kind thrill.  But he could not have imagined that one day in 2006 he would experience a parachute failure.  Dismayed, he pulled the cord on his backup chute, only to discover that it, too, was not working properly.  As he bowled through the sky at upwards of 70 MPH, Holmes realized that his “landing” would result in certain death.  Astonishingly, the madcap instructor landed in a blackberry bush, which cushioned his fall.  Instead of death, Holmes suffered only cuts and bruises in addition to a shattered ankle and collapsed lung. Does Holmes continue to jump from planes?  You bet he does!

A Hole in the Head 

Phineas Gage was a rail worker who was busily packing a hole with explosives when suddenly it exploded, sending an iron rod shooting through Gage’s eye. The 13-pound spike exited his skull and landed on the ground, bits of brain matter attached to it. Gage lived for over a decade after the incident, albeit with a variety of deficiencies and seizures plaguing him until his dying day.

Squishy Business 

When assembly line worker Matthew Lowe’s overalls became caught on a contraption on the line in a metal parts factory, the machine snatched him up and he was sucked through a five- inch opening.  Torn skin, crunched bones, and ruptured organs were no match for the tenacity of this fellow, though.  Following surgery and rehab to treat broken ribs, pelvis, and back, as well as to repair a burst bowel and stomach, Lowe returned to the job, eventually entering a supervisor training program.  Now that’s dedication!

Not so Funny 

While these bizarre stories are enough to pique anyone’s interest, the fact of the matter is that these and even more common accidents are no laughing matter when they result in serious injuries or death.  If you’ve been the victim of a serious accident, you need serious legal advice and representation going forward.  That’s where the Baltimore personal injury attorneys at the Law Office of Hasson D. Barnes come in.  Contact our office for a confidential consultation today.



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