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Peloton Accidents Raise Alarms


Peloton’s Tread+ is in the news, and not for its contributions to fitness and weight loss.  The treadmill has been blamed for nearly 40 accidents, many of which involved the pinning, trapping, and pulling under of children. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has alerted customers who have pets and/or small children in their homes to discontinue use immediately.  In response, John Foley, the CEO, strongly resists any moves by the CPSC to recall the treadmill, and said the company will continue to sell it.

Peleton’s Defense 

According to the company, there is no problem with the treadmill, as long as clear instructions are followed by customers. In the operator’s manual, clear directives related to the treadmill’s safety key instruct users to remove the key when the machine is not in use.  Any accidents, they claim, are purely due to user error.  Additionally, instructors who lead classes through the streaming videos are making a point to remind customers of safety protocols.  Finally, new software is being developed to add yet another safety layer to ward off unwanted users, like pets or kids.  Ultimately, according to company spokespersons, the machine was designed for users 16 and older, and who weigh at least 105 pounds.  Children and animals should be nowhere near the machines.

Injuries and Death 

Despite Peloton’s full-throated defense of the Track+, there’s no denying the machine has led to the injuries of multiple children and at least one pet. The injuries include bruises and lacerations, tread marks on the skin, injuries to the face and neck, broken bones and even significant brain injury.  Worse yet, one child has been killed.  And while the majority of accidents occurred when the treadmill was not supposed to be in use, at least one child was dragged under the machine while a parent was using it.  So despite claims to the contrary, the Track+ can be a hazard to youngsters even when adults are present.


According to the Safety Commission, there are situations in which the Track+ could be safe:

  • The machine should be kept in a locked room in order to keep pets and kids away from it;
  • The safety key should be removed and hidden when the treadmill is not in use;
  • The machine should be unplugged when not in operation;
  • Other objects (like exercise balls) should be kept far away from the treadmill, since they, too, have a history of being pulled beneath it.

Guidelines and Reality Don’t Always Match 

Unfortunately, many people do not have a spare room in which to lock their exercise equipment.  Children and animals, in many homes, simply cannot avoid exposure to the possible dangers of the treadmill.  In the event your family has been the victim of a serious accident involving this, or any product, the experienced Baltimore personal injury attorneys at the Law Office of Hasson D. Barnes may be able to help.  Contact our office for a confidential consultation today.



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