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Intersection Crashes


Another family had to be notified that they’d lost a loved one in an intersection crash in Lusby, Maryland. This time the victim was 60-year-old Denise Chaconas-Brown, who’d been attempting a left turn when a collision with a southbound driver who suffered serious injuries of her own.  It was one more avoidable tragedy occurring in an intersection.

FHA Facts 

According to the Federal Highway Administration, over half of accidents involving injuries and death occur near or in intersections. In 2020 alone, the number of deaths from intersection collisions across the nations approached 11,000.  The state of Maryland has the dubious distinction of being one of the deadliest when it comes to intersection crashes, with about 24 fatalities daily from intersection collisions alone. We can surmise that the risk of serious injuries is one of the highest in the nation, as well, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Why Intersections are so Dangerous 

Intersections pose special risks to drivers simply because vehicles are going in all four directions, making the opportunity for a collision greater than it is in other locations on the road.  A number of issues factor into these accidents:

  • Over 40 percent can be linked to drivers who inadequately surveil their surroundings.
  • Misjudging the speed of oncoming vehicles is often an issue for motorists that are turning.
  • Driver distractions can contribute to these incidents.
  • Vehicles are often going above the posted speed limits in intersections.
  • Intersections with no signal are at greatest risk of accidents.
  • Left-turning vehicles are at greatest risk of serious injury or death.
  • Vehicles that run lights or roll through stop signs contribute to these accidents.
  • Vehicles, bicyclists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians are all at risk in intersections.

Minimize the Risk 

Defensive driving is the key to avoiding accidents in intersections and elsewhere.  Other tips include:

  • Slow down when approaching any intersection.
  • Tune in to any movement in the intersection.
  • Never roll through stop signs when making right turns.
  • After coming to a stop at an intersection, double check cross traffic for vehicles that may be running a red light before pulling forward.
  • Pay particular attention to pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Instead of speeding up on yellow lights, stop if possible.
  • Approach blind intersections with caution.
  • Use your signal before turning.

When Reckless Drivers Cause Accidents 

If you or a family member wind up in an accident due to the reckless actions of another driver and you suffer serious injuries or death, you may be entitled to damages to address medical bills, lost present and future income, and more, but it could be a complicated road to follow. At The Law Office of Hasson D. Barnes, our dedicated Baltimore personal injury attorneys can help you get there. Schedule a confidential consultation in our office today.



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