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Don’t Make These Divorce Mistakes!


People who are hit hard by the thought of a divorce sometimes take a while to recover from the shock to the system, and wind up making critical errors simply because their judgment isn’t up to par.  That’s why it’s so important to have a local trusted divorce attorney working in tandem with you—so you can bounce ideas back and forth and you get a clearer picture of your options moving forward.  Otherwise, the potential for bad decisions that you ultimately regret is extremely high.  In a nutshell, here are a few big blunders worth avoiding:

  • Throwing Your Hands Up: If you’re just too despondent to think things through, you may be tempted to just give your spouse anything they ask for rather than enter negotiations to ensure a fair outcome.  Not only could you wind up with abysmal living circumstances if you hand over all the property and keep the debt; you could discover that custody and visitation schedules are one-sided and leave you miserable. Don’t put your future in your ex’s hands!  You can get a fair settlement without getting rolled over with a little finesse.
  • Live in Denial: If divorce is on the horizon, it’s okay to contemplate marital counseling or other interventions.  But know when to accept the fact that it’s in everyone’s best interest to call it quits, especially if your spouse is not interested in reconciliation.
  • Taking Things too Fast: Just want to get the whole sordid mess behind you?  While that’s understandable, it’s still important to properly negotiate the best outcomes.
  • Trying to Hide Assets: You want to keep your money-grubbing ex from your hard-earned assets?  Too bad.  You are legally required to disclose all assets, and those accrued after your marriage are fair game.  Better to open the books willingly than to have the judge find out you were trying something shady.
  • Making Assumptions About Custody: No, mothers do not automatically get physical custody and leave fathers with little or no input in raising the child.  Fathers are entitled to full or shared custody, and legal custody is a whole topic in and of itself.  There are literally dozens of ways to design a time-sharing plan.
  • Putting Kids in the Middle of Conflict: Kids do not have the best outcomes when forced to choose sides in a divorce.  Leave them out of the conflict, by all means. Allow and encourage a healthy and positive relationship with both parents.
  • Use the Divorce to get Revenge: It’s over.  Accept it and move on.  Work toward an equitable settlement and start to build a new life sans vengeance.

We’ll Help you Get it Right! 

At the Law Office of Hasson D. Barnes, our Baltimore family attorneys will ensure that you get the best possible outcomes in your Maryland divorce.  Contact our office for a confidential consultation today.



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