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Do You Need A Protective Order On Superbowl Sunday?


As football fans gear up for good times, good food and good drinks at Superbowl parties, others prepare for a weekend of trepidation. Will this year’s Superbowl celebrations result in violence in your home?  The truth is, Super Bowl Sunday is rated as the day with more domestic violence incidents than any other day of the year. Incidents are connected to large amounts of alcohol and testosterone in a highly excitable setting, although we know there’s more to it than that. The problem is so well documented that even the National Football League is working to combat the issue with public service announcements on the issue.

The Roots of Domestic Violence 

Children who see and/or experience domestic violence often grow up believing that violence is a natural and acceptable part of relationships.  Abusers come of age believing that they are entitled to lash out with verbal, emotional, and physical attacks, and the abused may grow up believing they deserve what they get.  The relationships continue, and more children are born into domestic violence, continuing the cycle.  But not everyone who commits domestic violence grew up with it.  What motivates them to become violent toward loved ones?  The issue is complex and unique to each individual, but experts say the underlying factor uniting all abusers is a need for control.  All kinds of situations can exacerbate this need, and things often come to a head on Superbowl Sunday:

  • Economic Issues: When finances are tight, the pressure builds. It can lead to feelings of shame and frustration. Episodes of violence may make the abuser feel as though there is something that he can hold power over, even if things are falling apart on the economic front.
  • Big Changes in Life: The stress of change can be difficult to deal with for some.  Pregnancy, the loss of a loved one, a big move, or perhaps serious illness could set off one’s desire to achieve control, leading to incidents of domestic violence.
  • General Insecurity: When someone feels insecure about their earning power, appearance, intelligence, or any number of other issues, they may feel inclined to grab power through violence.
  • Cultural Factors: Some cultures support gender roles that give permission to violence in order to control a partner.  Even if domestic violence is not sanctioned, it is better to hide it than to address it in many families in order to avoid bringing shame to the family.
  • PTSD: For some who have served in the military or who have had other experiences that caused extreme trauma, domestic violence becomes a release valve to let off the anguish carried around each day.

You Deserve Safety 

While the reasons for a partner to lash out may differ, the bottom line is that you deserve to be safe and secure.  If you believe your safety is in peril, get help before it’s too late.  At the Law Office of Hasson D. Barnes, our experienced Baltimore protective order attorneys are prepared to provide the legal guidance you need immediately.  Schedule a confidential consultation in our office today.

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