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Destination: Safety


When a driver smashed into a Baltimore police car in 2016, the reason was instantly clear:  the motorist had been playing a game on his cell phone and failed to take note of other vehicles in the vicinity.  While no one was injured in this particular incident, that’s not always the case when drivers fail to take their responsibilities behind the wheel seriously.  If you find yourself trying to recover after a traffic accident that was caused by another driver’s mistakes, the assistance of a Baltimore car accident attorney may be useful in the aftermath.

Accident Statistics

The fact of the matter is, there are about 270 million vehicles on the road across the United States, so it makes sense that some of those drivers are going to be involved in collisions. In actuality, there are over seven million reported crashes reported annually, and nearly 30 percent of them result in injuries, while another 40,000 are fatal. The annual fiscal note associated with these incidents?  Upward of $230 billion every year.  Knowing some basic ideas as to how to avoid becoming a statistic yourself can be a prudent idea:

  • Keep your eyes on the road: Allowing yourself to be distracted for even a moment can be deadly.  So make a serious decision to put down your cell phone, your lunch, your grooming tools, and anything else that might interfere with your focus on the task at hand.
  • Refuse to drive after drinking.  Impaired driving—whether due to alcohol, drugs, or legal prescriptions, is always a dangerous venture, and should be avoided at all costs.  Particularly in the age of easily available ride shares, it behooves anyone who chooses to drink to find a safe mode of transportation home.
  • Avoid running red lights and stop signs.  You’re really tempting fate when you put yourself in an intersection when cross traffic might be there too.  In addition to other vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists are also at risk when you fail to stop as directed.
  • Stick to the speed limit. There is a science behind the designated postings, and that science is intended to keep you and others on the road safe. There is virtually no good reason to ignore these posted limits.
  • Drive courteously. Road rage never benefits anyone, and often leads to accidents on the road.  Aggressive driving maneuvers, including tailgating and zigzagging through traffic, is more than discourteous:  it’s downright dangerous.
  • Pass other motorists with caution on two-lane highways.  Be certain you have more than enough room to make it back into your lane safely.

When Other Drivers make Mistakes

Even though you may drive responsibly, you have no way of knowing when another motorist is going to make a treacherous decision to check a text message, get behind the wheel after a few too many beers, blast through a red light, or participate in some other dangerous activity.  In the event you are seriously injured due to the recklessness or negligence of another driver, the experienced and aggressive lawyers at the Law Office of Hasson D. Barnes, LLC can help. Contact us in Baltimore to schedule a confidential consultation today.




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