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Deadliest Driving Holidays


Across the calendar, holidays splash a bit of comradery and fun into our lives, frequently uniting families across the miles to celebrate together.  One of the downsides of increased holiday travel, however, is the uptick traffic accidents that often accompany holiday weekends.

Why do Accidents Increase? 

Added to the congested roadways due to the increase in the number of vehicles out on holidays, more than a few of those drivers are fatigued from lengthy drives, are more aggressive than usual as they attempt to get to their destinations quickly, are more likely to be tense and experience road rage and are driving despite having had too much to drink before getting behind the wheel. Each of these issues contribute to the more dangerous, deadly holiday statistics that plague every state in the nation.

The 5 Most Dangerous Holidays 

So which holidays are the most deadly across the country?  Here are the five with the most fatalities on average:

#5: Cinco de Mayo

With an average of over 400 fatalities annually, May 5th is one of the deadliest holidays in America. Mexican-themed parties abound, with plenty of food and drink to celebrate Mexican culture. Alcohol consumption is a key contributor to the high accident and death rates.

# 4:  Father’s Day

June’s third Sunday honors Fathers are honored on the third Sunday of June, with family gatherings, backyard barbecues, and, frequently, alcohol. The higher volume of traffic, combined with alcohol leads to an average accident/death rate that exceeds 430 annually.

#3:  Independence Day

Games, fireworks, and parties celebrating the country’s independence from the British on July 4th makes the list of deadliest holidays with a nearly 20 percent increase in traffic fatalities, over typical days, due mostly to drinking while driving in heavy traffic, along with an increase in fatigued driving. The average number of traffic fatalities annually comes in at 440.

#2:  Labor Day

Unfortunately, the final celebration of the summer season nearly sees 40 percent of fatalities connected to drinking and driving, with an average of 445 deaths each year.

#1:  Memorial Day 

As kids wind up the school year, families enjoy a three-day weekend with which to jump into summer. Aggressive driving, drunk driving, running red lights and increased traffic all contribute to fatal collisions, with an average of 448 every year.

Staying Safe 

It’s always important to drive defensively, never more so than on holidays. Do this by minimizing distractions, make sure everyone is belted in, and giving yourself plenty of time to reach your destination.

When You Can’t Protect Yourself 

Sadly, even when you’re doing everything right, sometimes reckless or negligent drivers cause injuries and deaths involving innocent people. That’s when the aggressive and experienced Baltimore personal injury attorneys at The Office of Hasson D. Barnes can help.  We can look at your case and pursue damages to address medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.  To discuss, contact our Baltimore office today.

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