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Beware Of Bogus Stem Cell Treatments


When a loved one is suffering from a serious or incurable disease, people are desperate for medical interventions to improve the prognosis.  One of the hottest things on the market—often billed as a treatment for all kinds of frightening conditions—is stem cell therapy.  Unfortunately, many clinics offer these therapies with false claims that they will cure anything from MS to ALS, Alzheimer’s to cerebral palsy—even COVID 19– despite a lack of research to back up their claims.  Unsuspecting and frantic patients and their families wind up sinking big bucks into these treatments, sometimes with no reaction whatsoever.  Other times, patients suffer serious complications.  If you believe you have been taken advantage of due to your vulnerable state of mind, it may be worth considering a personal injury lawsuit.

Grave Side Effects 

Patients who are facing a frightening prognosis and their families are often anxious to find anything to help—including radical treatments that soak up huge sums of money.  One study found that patients frequently asked about stem cell treatments, and doctors often provide it, despite only limited FDA approved trials for very specific conditions. Ultimately, roughly 25 percent of neurologists reported that patients experienced complications as a result of these therapies, and some even died.  Common difficulties associated with unproven stem cell therapies include:

  • Inflammation of the brain;
  • Weakness of the limbs;
  • Strokes;
  • MS relapses and deterioration;
  • Hepatitis C;
  • Sepsis;
  • Tumors in the spinal cord;
  • Seizures;
  • Blindness;
  • Various infections;
  • Meningitis injections.

Sadly, patients not only continued to suffer from the issue that brought them to the doctor seeking a miracle; they left with additional medical issues and lost tens of thousands of dollars to boot.

Differentiating Between Scams and Legitimacy 

When it comes to stem cell treatments, it’s important to understand that the science is in its infancy stage, and there are very few applications that are proven and have FDA approval.  The FDA and FTC have pursued legal action against a number of clinics and are working to close those that compromise patients’ safety. But how can consumers know whether they’re dealing with a reliable source on this subject?  One idea is to check with reputable sources like the Mayo Clinic, whose Regenerative Medicine Consult Service assists patients in finding legitimate information, therapies, or clinical trials to deal with specific medical conditions.

If You’ve Been Harmed 

If you or a loved one was taken in by the big promises of a cure and wound up in worse shape than you started, the frustration and pain can be surpassed only by the humiliation and disappointment.  At the Law Office of Hasson D. Barnes, our Baltimore personal injury attorneys are well-versed in medical malpractice, and will fight aggressively to recover damages on your behalf.  Contact our office today for a confidential consultation.




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