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“Thank you to the Law Office of Hasson Barnes! Mr. Barnes is an awesome attorney! I really enjoyed working with his staff. They worked really diligently to settle my case very quickly and I was very satisfied with my settlement. I love the physical therapist they work with and I would highly recommend Mr. Barnes without hesitation. If I ever need an attorney again, I know exactly where to look. Thank you!” – K. Godfrey

“I have used Mr. Barnes both personally and for all of my businesses and he has exceeded my expectations in his genuine ability to give me both realistic, and more and importantly, legal advice (even though I went another route). Of course, I don’t second guess his results anymore! He has a very smart, professional and experienced legal mind and I’m extremely happy that he represents both me personally and all of my present and future endeavors!” – MGK

“Hello, my name is Keysha and if you are looking for a lawyer that has compassion, patience in meeting your needs and is knowledgeable about family law, then you want to contact Hasson Barnes. Hasson represented me in a lengthy divorce. Hasson’s knowledge about family law was phenomenal. Hasson, along with his staff, provide excellent customer service. They communicated effectively through phone and e-mail. They would occasionally do check-up calls, which made my divorce process feel a lot easier to handle. Thanks to Hasson and his staff, I don’t look like what I been. Their encouraging words and warm hearts gave me a better outlook on life!” – Keysha

“I am not sure where I would I would be without Mr. Barnes and his knowledge for family law. I needed him for two separate cases. He was wonderful and I won both of my cases. Mr. Barnes lets you know about everything that is going on and does not leave you in the dark about anything. If you hire Mr. Barnes, you will be very pleased with him.” – L. Edwards

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