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Civil Suits And Gun Violence


Dancing, pony rides, snow cones, food and drinks: it was to be a neighborhood party to remember. And remember it they will: two people were killed and 28 others hospitalized after a shooter took aim at people celebrating “Brooklyn Day” in the city of Baltimore. Roughly half of those injured were children.

Who is Responsible? 

Although the party was widely publicized, there were no police there to monitor the crowd.  The city’s mayor is determined to identify anyone responsible for the mayhem and hold them accountable.  That includes, he says, adults who knew that a male teenager was proudly displaying a gun at the party and did nothing.  These adults videotaped teens with guns, and failed to tell police, party-goers, or anyone else who might have been able to intervene before the violence broke out.


Naturally, the perpetrators of gun violence, when caught, face criminal charges that have the potential to put them behind bars for the rest of their lives. But with the rise in gun violence in recent decades, many wonder whether accountability rests with the shooters alone.  What about the gun industry? What about parents and other adults who fail to properly store guns and monitor their kids?

Protecting the Gun Industry 

The gun industry has lobbied state and federal governments vigorously, and has secured legal protections unattainable to other entities. But as more states seek to change that fact, gun manufacturers are beginning to understand that their culpability is becoming widely understood. Remington avoided a trial in 2022 and settled with families of victims of the Club Q shooting in Colorado for over $70 million. The avenue for civil cases against the gun industry seems to be widening with time.  But that’s not the only place victims can seek redress. In some cases, individuals ancillary to the shooting event are being charged with criminal activity, and civil cases are on the rise, as well. 

Case in Point

A Virginia mother was indicted for felony child neglect and misdemeanor charges of leaving a loaded gun accessible to her son after the boy shot his first-grade teacher in early 2023. Surely, the boy’s mother was in part responsible for the critical injuries suffered by Abigail Zwerner in her classroom, and criminal charges are appropriate. But what about school administrators?  They had been warned no fewer than three times that the child had a gun in his backpack, and they knew he had a history of “troubling” behavior, yet they did little to prevent the shooting.  That’s led to a $40 million lawsuit against school officials.

Personal Injury Suits 

Families who live in the aftermath of gun violence will not find solace in a courtroom.  But knowing that evil actions face criminal penalties brings some comfort, and knowing that reckless or negligent actions can result in civil charges can, as well.  Damages to address injuries, death, and more may be within reach. At The Law Office of Hasson D. Barnes, our Baltimore personal injury attorneys are dedicated to achieving the best outcomes for you.  Schedule a confidential consultation in our office today.



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