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Can Your Tax Refund Make A Desired Divorce Possible?


If the anticipated cost of getting a divorce is the biggest obstacle to escaping a bad marriage, tax season may be a godsend for you. Couples across the country are finding that splitting up is worth every dollar when they have a chunk of cash coming back from Uncle Sam in their annual tax refund.


Of course, every divorce is distinctly different from every other divorce, and the complexity of your circumstances, as well as the level of contentiousness, will have a huge impact on how much money you’ll be on the hook for in a divorce. While combative or complicated situations with a lot of hair-splitting over who-gets-what can run well over $20 grand, simple splits that don’t involve children or a lot of property and where both partners are willing to make concessions will be just a fraction of that amount. When agreement is quick and easy, a divorce is relatively inexpensive.

Is it Worth the Money to Finally Pull the Plug? 

Does it cause you anxiety to even consider spending your hard-earned tax refund to escape a miserable marriage? If you know you are in a loveless or failing relationship, perhaps it really is time to simply take deliberate action. Now is the time to sit down and figure out If you can justify the move:

  1. Your money is really just a tool. Its purpose is to get you the things you need—and what do you need more right now than a divorce?
  2. People in troubled marriages tend to spend lots of money—on booze or other escapes—in a fruitless attempt to try to forget their misery. Why not just spend it on getting what you really want?
  3. The alternative to divorce—staying in a loveless marriage–is unfair to everyone involved.  So get out.
  4. You only live once.  Do you want to spend your life in a space of such unhappiness?
  5. The future really can be happy and satisfying.  Take the dive. You may find a marvelous new existence is waiting.

How to Go About It 

  1. Start smart: get a straight-shooting divorce attorney who will look after your interests. You want someone who is ethical, but tough.
  2. Have the talk with your spouse: acknowledge your feelings and lay out what you want to do. Be gentle. Be respectful. Be authentic.
  3. Have your attorney file the paperwork.
  4. Negotiations begin. For some, it’s a simple process.  Others may require mediation to work through the more difficult issues. If it becomes a down-and-out battle, it will stretch out over months or years, and cost a boatload of money. So your goal is an amicable arrangement where both individuals give a little to get a little.
  5. Go to court, where the judge will determine how things unfold.
  6. Your new beginning awaits.

Advocating for You 

Ending a marriage is no simple task, but that doesn’t make it any less necessary for some people.  If your situation is truly unhappy, now may be the moment to take steps toward a better life outside the marriage that has been imprisoning you for so long. For experienced legal help, contact the knowledgeable Baltimore family attorneys at The Law Office of Hasson D. Barnes for a confidential consultation today.

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