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Baltimore Truck Accident Lawyer

As long as there are trucks on the roadway, there will also be truck accidents. Commercial trucks are much heavier and more powerful than passenger vehicles, so when a passenger vehicle collides with a truck, there is a strong chance that the motorist will be injured. When a victim is injured in a truck accident, he or she may pursue monetary compensation for his or her related damages through a personal injury claim. If you were injured in a truck accident, you need to contact the experienced Baltimore truck accident lawyer at the Law Office of Hasson D. Barnes, LLC right away.

What Causes Truck Accidents?

Truck accidents have many of the same causes as car accidents. These include:

  • Drunk driving;
  • Distracted driving;
  • Speeding;
  • Aggressive driving; and
  • Drivers who are too exhausted to safely operate their vehicles.

This last point is especially pertinent to truck accidents because many professional drivers spend long hours on the road, exhausting themselves to the point that they cannot drive safely. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) maintains strict requirements for how many hours each day, how many days each week, and how many hours between breaks truck drivers may drive.

Sometimes, truck accidents are unavoidable due to adverse weather or other environmental conditions. In other cases, they result from vehicle malfunctions or poorly designed or managed roadways.

There are also issues specific to commercial trucks that can lead to accidents. These include the risk of a tractor becoming detached from its trailer due to overloading or incorrect latching and jackknifing, an issue that occurs when a driver loses control of his or her truck and the trailer swings into a sharp angle position.

Pursuing Compensation for your Truck Accident Damages

When you are injured in a truck accident, you may file a personal injury claim to pursue monetary compensation for your related damages. These can include:

  • Your medical expenses;
  • Your lost wages; and
  • Any pain and suffering damages you suffered.

Through your claim, you must successfully demonstrate that your injury was caused by the other party’s negligence and that because of your injury, you suffered specific losses. You can do this with evidence like:

  • Copies of your medical bills;
  • Documentation of your lost wages and projected earnings losses due to your reduced capacity;
  • Photographs of the accident scene;
  • A copy of the official police report for the accident;
  • Eyewitness testimonies of the accident;
  • Documentation showing your emotional trauma and overall loss of quality of life due to the injury; and
  • Receipts for any other expenses you incurred due to the injury, such as the cost of assistive equipment.

An Experienced Baltimore Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help you Pursue Compensation for your Losses

Do not let your truck accident expenses prevent you from living your life to its fullest. When you are suffering from damages like lost wages and a reduced quality of life, work with a Baltimore personal injury attorney to pursue the monetary compensation you deserve for your losses. To get started with the Law Office of Hasson D. Barnes, LLC, call us at 443-423-0548 today to schedule your initial consultation in our office.

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